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Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome your questions and hope to be able to reply to them in an informed and coherent manner. We have listed many of the questions we have been asked over the years below along with our answers. If we haven't answered your question below, please feel free to contact us.

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Which Company to use?
With so many new companies offering solar energy, how do I know which is the best company to use?

Confused over Changes to the Feed in Tariff
Iím confused about the cost and the changes to the feed in tariff, can you explain this for me?

What is the difference between Mono-crystaline and Poly-crystaline PV Panels
Mono_crystaline Solar PV Panels are better performing per square meter but more expensive to manufacture per square meter than Poly-crystaline panels. See the "how it works" page

Are you able to service a Smart Energy water heating installation?
SolarUK can service virtually any solar energy system.

What is an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
What are energy performance certificates and why are they needed

Is there a Feed in Tariff for solar heating?
The Renewable Heat Incentive(RHI)is a way of paying installers of Microgenerating equipment for the amount of heat energy they generate.

Can you put solar energy systems on a flat roof?
Yes. Most commercial and large scale solar electric systems are installed on flat roofs.

Is it possible to heat my home and my hot water using solar panels?
Heating water with solar energy is ideal as hot water is needed throughout the year, both when the sun is high and therefore most likely provides all the heating required, and when it is low and helps top up the heating.

After a while, do solar vacuum tube systems lose their vacuum?
This depends on the quality and design of the system.

Is SolarUK able to supply and fit systems in all parts of the UK?
SolarUK will supply and install solar energy solutions throughout the UK.



Examples of SolarUK's work

SolarUK have been installing solar energy systems for many years, examples of our systems can be seen by clicking on the links below. These range from large scale commercial systems through to smaller domestic installations.

List of case studies

Alternatively, have a look at our image gallery, all images show examples of SolarUK installations and equipment.


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