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  • Battery Storage Principle Operation

    • The current flow to and from the Grid is monitored by the Carlo Gavazzi Amp meter.

    If there is PV power being generated over and above what the household is consuming the excess would normally flow back onto the grid, however the Amp meter detects this and instructs the Multiplus to charge the battery bank.

    Should the Amp meter detect current flowing in from the grid it will instruct the Multiplus to discharge the batteries.

    If the household load exceeds what the PV and Batteries can supply, power will be drawn off the grid in the normal manner, likewise if the batteries are fully charged excess PV will go back on to the grid.

    In the event of Grid failure the Multiplus will isolate the non-priority load but use the batteries to keep the priority loads (UPS) “live”, so any household load on the protected supply will continue as long as there is Battery power which also can still be topped up from the PV.

    This will give you an advantage of using your PV system to generate power during a power cut and also power critical loads i.e. freezer, heating controls.

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