Cylinders, Calorifiers & Heat Exchangers


SolarUK can supply solar cylinders, solar calorifiers and solar heat exchangers for virtually any application.

We have a core range designed to meet most requirements, but can also produce bespoke items as required.

LaZer2 Solar Cylinders: Up to 500-Litres

The LaZer2 cylinders are designed for household and small-scale commercial domestic hot water applications. Tank-fed vented cylinders and mains-pressure unvented cylinders can be supplied as direct (single-coil and twin-immersion heaters) or indirect (twin-coil and single-immersion heater) units.

The WRAS approved cylinders are manufactured in the UK from high quality, totally recyclable, copper (vented models) or 2304 Duplex stainless steel (unvented models).

To minimise heat loss each cylinder is covered in rigid polyurethane foam (CFC & HCFC free) thermal insulation. Each cylinder is fitted with a stylish, wipe-clean outer case that is manufactured from mild steel, with a white plastic coated finish and a corrosion resistant base.

The standard range of LaZer2 cylinders includes capacities of 170-litres, 200-litres, 250-litres, 300-litres, 400-litres and 500-litres. All cylinders have 22mm cold inlet and 22mm hot outlet connections. All 200-litre, 250-litre and 300-litre models are fitted with a dedicated secondary return connection, which can be capped if not required. Unvented LaZer2 cylinders are supplied with complete unvented fitting kits.

Stainless steel cylinders are covered by a limited 25-year warranty all other cylinders and components are covered by a limited 2-year warranty.

LaZer2 Solar Calorifiers: Greater than 500-Litres

LaZer2 solar calorifiers are designed for mid to large-scale commercial domestic hot water applications and process water heating applications. All calorifiers are suitable for use in vented and unvented systems and can be supplied as direct (single-coil) or indirect (twin-coil) units.

The calorifiers are manufactured to the latest European standards. Depending on the application; they are constructed using copper, copper-lined steel, enamel-lined steel, plastic-lined steel or stainless steel.

To minimise heat loss each calorifier is covered in rigid polyurethane foam (CFC & HCFC free) or mineral wool thermal insulation. Each calorifier is fitted with either an aluminium outer case or a flexible fireproof jacket.

The standard range of LaZer2 calorifiers includes capacities of 500-litres, 750-litres, 1,000-litres, 1,500-litres, 2000-litres, 2,500-litres and 3,000-litres. Calorifiers typically have 2” cold inlet and 2” hot outlet connections as well as ø400mm inspection manholes. All LaZer2 calorifiers can be supplied with complete unvented fitting kits.

Warranties vary from 2-years to 12-years depending on the material used in construction.

LaZer2 Solar Heat Exchangers

LaZer2 solar plate heat exchangers are typically used to transfer energy from the solar thermal system to swimming pool water, or the water in a buffer vessel.

Heat exchangers are sized according to the output of the solar hot water system as well as flow and return temperatures.

The materials used in construction can vary depending on the application.

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