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  • SolarUK teams up with Renolit for roofing membrane trials

    Solar UK teamed up with Renolit UK Ltd, manufacturers of the Alkorplan roofing membrane, for a trial showing that its solar panels work 9% more efficiently when installed on this white reflective flat roof waterproofing surface known as Alkorbright.

    The durable white colour of the membrane maximises the sun’s reflection, cooling the temperature of the building and reducing the cost of air conditioning.

    Solar UK spent two months testing the performance of the LaZer2 vacuum tube collectors on traditional grey roofing membrane, with an identical set on the new Alkorbright membrane in the white reflective version.

    LaZer2 collectors can be installed on a flat roof, the ground, or on a wall as well as a pitched roof, and over the last ten years have been supplied to home and swimming pool owners, schools and offices, both in the UK and abroad.

    The 9% gain was higher than we anticipated, and clearly shows how reflective Alkorbright is.  It is an example of the innovations providing both energy gains and cooling gains now being used by architects and designers to help reduce the carbon load of buildings.

    solar collector on white flat roof



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