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One of the most experienced solar installers in the UK

SolarUK has been involved in the installation of solar energy systems since 1998. Our systems range from the classic individual domestic installations mounted on South facing roofs through to some of the largest commercial and industrial systems.

commercial solar arrayOur longevity in the industry means we have a direct understanding of the need to make our systems durable. We provide guaratees that go on for decades and we know from experience that they work!

Our experience helps us help you in providing the ideal system for your requirements.

The best solar installation requires optimum siting in order to gain the maximum energy from the sun.

It needs a clear understanding of your use of the energy whether it is hot water or electricity. In the case of the latter, how much will be used by you and how much will be exported.

SolarUK is registered with the MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme). Thus all our systems that have been installed following the start date for FITs will qualify for Feed in Tariffs.

Deposit and Advance Payment Insurance Scheme.

SolarUK is also also affiliated with REAL (Renewable Energy Assurance Limited) This is independent protection for any deposits you pay to us. It is not something we sell, it is automatically applied. When you contract to use our services, we register your name and address with the REAL insurance scheme administrator (QANW). We will of course confirm with you that this is okay.

For more information on this scheme and how it applies, please see the attached pdf that can be accessed by clicking here.


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