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  • Solar Panel Tracking Systems


    The LaZer2 Solar Tracker is the only dual-axis solar thermal tracking system available in Europe. The result of extensive research and development, in 2001 it won the coveted Euro Solar Award.

    The LaZer2 Solar Trackers are designed to heat large volumes of water and are therefore not necessary for an average family home. Lazer2 Solar Trackers are installed in the UK and Europe to heat swimming pools and to provide domestic water heating for commercial and large-scale residential buildings.

    Why Track The Sun?

    solar tracking mounting system

    Solar thermal collectors gain energy through radiation. Because radiation travels in straight lines (until absorbed and re-radiated) collectors must be positioned so that they are exposed to the maximum amount of direct sunlight.

    The Sun moves relative to the Earth’s surface at the rate of 15°/hour east to west and by approximately 46°/annum north to south. This means that fixed collectors will hardly ever by perfectly aligned with the Sun.

    Collectors in a solar tracking system will be perfectly aligned with the sun all the time it is shining, and therefore the full aperture will be presented to the sun all day, every day.

    The solar collectors in a fixed system will only present anything approaching their full aperture to the sun, around midday. The rest of the day only a fraction of the collector is being presented.

    Solar water heating using a tracking mounting system for swimming pool heating.


    The LaZer2 Solar Tracker has been developed for use with our high efficiency LaZer2 vacuum tube collectors.

    The advanced computer controlled mounting system ensures the collectors are always gaining the maximum amount of energy available.

    The Tracker’s proprietary ‘Hunt & Track’ digital control system continually scans the sky to locate the sun. It then positions the array, using reliable and whisper-quiet electronic actuators, so that the collectors are perfectly aligned to gain the most energy. If the sun is obscured by cloud then the system automatically hunts and tracks to the part of the sky where the most energy is available.

    An integral clutch allows the unit to ‘weather cock’ out of strong winds or stop if an obstruction is encountered.


    A LaZer2 Solar Tracker can deliver 50% more energy than a static collector array with the same collector aperture area.

    It also has the advantage that when a pre-set storage or pool water temperature has been achieved that array will be turned away from the sun to minimise further energy gain.

    Technical Data

    Mount: Steel Tripod (Options Dependent on Location)
    System Controller: Type STII Digital with Smart Logic
    Sensors: Optical 550um Wavelength, Over Temp Shutdown, Power Failure Shutdown
    Rotator: Low voltage DC Motor with Helical Gear Train & Patented Anti-Backlash System
    Azimuth Range: 180°
    Tracking Speed: 0.5°/second
    Elevation: Low voltage DC Linear Actuator
    Elevation Range: 68°
    Voltage (Nominal): 24V DC
    Max. Current: 1.5 amps
    Static Wind Load: 35m/second (80mph)
    Operating Wind Speed: 25m/second (56mph)


    Each kit includes the tripod, array mounting arms, actuator, gear box, clutch and tracking control system, as well as the appropriate number of LaZer2 solar thermal collectors.

    The tripod will need to be mounted on a hard/level surface with suitable mechanical fixings.

    The following kits are available:

    Code Name Aperture Width Height   Weight
    ST2-LZ4 4-Collector Tracker 3.7 m² 4220 mm 1405 mm 4360 mm 235 kg
    ST2-LZ6 6-Collector Tracker 5.6 m² 4220 mm 2050 mm 4760 mm 310 kg
    ST2-LZ8 8-Collector Tracker 7.5 m² 4220 mm 2660 mm 5000 mm 400 kg
    ST2-LZ10 10-Collector Tracker 9.3 m² 4220 mm 3275 mm 5420 mm 490 kg



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