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By going solar PV or solar thermal, you'll save money on the cost of your energy compared to grid supplies and you'll be doing your bit to help manage climate change.

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How we help you through the entire solar process.

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For most of our domestic customers, the idea of solar products being installed into their home is as daunting as it is exciting.  You probably have a few questions; it would be unusual if you didn't.  The first one might be...where do we start?


Here's a guide to how we hope to work with you on your project.

1. Let's have a chat.  We can of course do email, but most people prefer a chat.

2. Share with us all the questions you have; all the things that are on your mind.

3. Then we can begin to design a system to meet your needs.

4.  This will involve satellite photographs of your home, its orientation to the sun, and your typical annual power and hot water demands.  And from this information we will design your system and send you a quote.

5. You will perhaps have more questions at this stage and we will address all of them before going any further.  Once you are happy, we ask you to sign and return the order form that was sent with the quote, and at this stage you are asked for a 25% deposit. For your own peace of mind, you should know that all customer deposits are covered by the QANW deposit guarantee scheme.

6. We then arrange an appointment with you for our Solar UK surveyor to visit, to double check the design, take some key measurements, look at likely cable runs and make sure there's nothing we have overlooked that might affect the design. ​

7.  Our installations team will then get a provisional installation date in the diary and take care of everything from that point on.

8.  We will keep you informed of progress from time-to-time as the system parts arrive into our factory and your installation date gets closer.

9.  We will then give you a confirmed date for the installation.

10.  On the day of installation, our team will arrive at site, and the lead installer will introduce himself and his colleagues, and carry out a risk assessment.  And then they'll get to work.  One thing, if your project needs scaffolding, this can be arranged by us with one of our chosen contractors, or it can be arranged by you. 

11.  When we have finished, the lead installer will talk you through any system controls and make sure you know what's what.  He will ask you to sign a Declaration of Job Completion.

12.  The project paperwork will then be processed by our administration team and they will send you our final invoice, which needs to be paid within 7 days of receipt.


13. And then, once you have paid the invoice, a commissioning pack will be collated and sent to you for safekeeping.

So by all means drop us an email at but if you want to speak directly with one of our team, and we hope you do, please call us on 01424 772903.

April 2022 until 31 March 2027

0% VAT

VAT on a range of domestic energy efficiency and renewable energy installations, including solar PV and LaZer2 solar thermal is now 0% in Great Britain.
The reduced rate will apply from 1 April 2022 until 31 March 2027, unless the government introduces further legislation to extend its implementation.
Batteries also qualify for 0% VAT in Great Britain if they are supplied as part of an installation with a qualifying material – in other words, a solar PV or LaZer2 solar thermal system.

However, because batteries are not included on the list provided by the government, they do not qualify if installed as a standalone product.

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