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solar service and maintenance

We believe in providing a service past the point of installing a system, whether fitted by us or another company.  Our aim is to form lasting relationships with our commercial and residential customers, provide a quality, cost effective service, and provide a central point for any queries you may have with your system.

PV System servicing and inspection

PV systems in general do not need much in the way of maintenance in comparison to other forms of renewable energy systems, though there are key items to be aware of.


On installation the installer should have issued an Electrical Installation Certificate, which indicates when you should next have your circuits checked. Clean PV panels will ensure you are maximising the generation available, heavy soiling should be removed, but not with a jet wash. Birds can cause havoc with a PV system if nesting under the panels.  A deterrent system can be installed if this becomes an issue, though we would suggest you have this done as part of your installation to save on cost.

Our PV servicing includes

  • A full check of all internal system components

  • Inverter – cleaning to remove internal dust build up

  • A panel and mounting system review if they are easily accessible,

      otherwise a visual inspection from ground level will be conducted.

  • Generation check

  • Final system status report and recommendations.


Electrical system inspection and maintenance

Accredited with NICEIC under the Domestic Installer Scheme, we provide services

for domestic customers, in compliance with Part P of Building Regulations.


Our services include:

  • Consumer unit replacements/upgrades.

  • Additional circuit installations.

  • Electrical condition reports.

Solar Thermal servicing

Unlike PV systems, solar thermal systems require more attention to ensure they are working effectively.  If, for instance, your pressure is low, this can be due to an air lock or a leak.  Overheating of systems, and lack of inhibitor in a system can be a costly due to causing pipes to split or elements, such as pumps, to overheat.  This system is an investment and requires maintenance.


Our standard solar thermal servicing includes

  • An inspection of the collectors and mounting system, if the area is easily accessible, otherwise a visual inspection from ground level will be conducted.

  • Internal check of all accessible pipework, valves, and associated components.

  • Inhibitor dilution level check and replenishment if required.  (Inhibitor is charged for by the litre).

  • System purging, to remove any air.

  • Pressure check and adjustment.

  • Final system status report and recommendations.


It is recommended by inhibitor manufactures, that the inhibitor is changed

every 5 years.  A system flush to remove any residue in the system would

normally be undertaken as part of this service.  This is an additional service

we can undertake if required.

Here is an example of stagnated heat transfer fluid. This can happen when

solar thermal systems are not maintained and/ or monitored correctly.

Plumbing, cylinder replacements and servicing

Our solar thermal engineers are qualified plumbers, working under our

CPS accreditation with NICEIC and Trustmark, enabling us to undertake this type of work.


Our services include

  • Cylinder installations – vented and unvented

  • Decommissioning of cylinders, removal and disposal.

  • Annual unvented cylinder servicing – this is generally a requirement of the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Bathrooms – white goods installations

  • Heating – radiator installations/replacements.



We have a call out charge, which can vary depending on where the customer is based in relation to our office.  This charge covers the first hour on site, and any additional time is chargeable.  Parts are charged separately.


For further information please contact our servicing/installation department.

01424 772903

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solar pv servicing
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