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Tesla Rebate

Receive a £350 Rebate for Your TESLA Powerwall.

Tesla Powerwall

Customers who install and register their Powerwall(s) between 11 August 2023, and 31 December 2023, will receive a £350 rebate for each Powerwall. You can install a single Powerwall or multiple Powerwalls. After your Powerwall(s) have been installed, connected to the internet and registered, you can submit your rebate request in the Tesla app. Once confirmed, Tesla will transfer the funds of your eligible rebate to your nominated bank account. Eligibility To be eligible for this offer, you must: - Install Powerwall(s) between 11 August 2023, and 31 December 2023 - Have ordered Powerwall(s) from Tesla Certified Installers - Connect your Powerwall(s) to the Internet and register your Powerwall(s) - Submit your rebate request in the Tesla app

Solar PV deal

From April 2022 until 31st March 2027

...on domestic Solar PV installations

Domestic Solar PV

Maintenance & Servicing

Solar energy experts South East

Having invested in technology, we have seen far too many people fail to look after it.

We are advocates of regular system servicing and you can expect us to talk a lot about our after sales support.

We want to optimise your system through its working life, so that you get the greatest economic benefit possible.

Look after your technology and it will serve you well.  Ignore it and you will likely have performance issues; a bit like not servicing your car.

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