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Solar UK has experience in all types of commercial and industrial PV installations from rooftop industrial units, to housing developments and large ground arrays. We can advise on the mounting systems for all applications and offer design optimisation for string configurations, cable loss, and inverter selection. 


We will advise in all aspects of the design process including providing technical assistance for planning and grid connection applications.

Solar UK is an MCS registered company and we work with many architects, M&E contractors, main contractors and directly with owner occupier clients and landlords looking to improve their EPC ratings, by installing solar products.

As well as the design, supply and installation of systems, we offer service and maintenance solutions to ensure your system is optimised throughout its economic working life.

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Solar PV East Sussex
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LaZer2 solar thermal
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Solar thermal
Solar thermal East Sussex

The LaZer2 system is a recognised market leader in the UK

Our own LaZer2 solar thermal solutions for domestic water heating, swimming pool heating and industrial process water heating, set us apart from other solar suppliers and installers.


When specifying a solar thermal system we take into consideration many factors: 

  • Hot water consumption volume and patterns 

  • Are there suitable locations for the collectors, controls, storage and ancillary equipment? 

  • Energy & CO² savings targets 

  • Protection against Legionella 

  • Integration with mechanical, electrical and control systems 

  • Architectural & structural considerations 

  • Installation & maintenance logistics 

  • Health & safety requirements 

  • Location & planning restrictions 

  • Budgetary constraints 


Solar UK can offer everything from straightforward advice on the feasibility of using solar thermal, through to the detailed specification of components and installation processes.

If you would like to discuss a specific project, you can give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be happy

to help.

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The LaZer2 solar collector is one of the most efficient in the world.  Installed in combination with existing boilers and thermostats, or with new heat pumps, they can make a well-designed solar-thermal system a realistic MEP asset.


The LaZer2 collector is c.4x more efficient at heating DHW than solar PV and in the northern European climate, for which the LaZer2 has been specifically designed, you can expect the system to deliver c.70% of a building’s annual DHW demand.

Battery Energy

If you have the room and you have the budget...
then you should probably have a battery.

Battery storage

Today's battery storage systems are very efficient.


Incorporating a battery storage system into any solar PV design allows for maximum optimisation and greater flexibility in performance.


In the right circumstances, a battery storage system allows the customer to trade electricity with grid suppliers, and the combination of PV + battery + an electric vehicle, opens up even greater benefits.


Investing in a battery storage system now, makes economic and practical sense, and if you have the budget and the space, we recommend you consider one.

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Look after'll miss it when it's gone.

Having invested in the technology, far too many people fail to look after it.

We are advocates of regular system servicing and you can expect us to talk a lot about our after sales support.


We want to optimise your system through its working life, so that you get the greatest economic benefit possible.


Look after your technology and it will serve you well.  Ignore it and you will likely have performance issues.

We can provide full O&M packages or simple annual service plans - please ask for details.

Solar energy experts South East

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Solar energy experts South East

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Solar energy experts South East

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